Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weaver Bird Nests

I have been stalking these weaver bird nests for a while now, trying to get that perfect picture of the bird with its wings fluttering at the entrance of the nest.

There are about 9 nests on the trees in our garden, but I've had no luck getting that shot I want.

I waited and waited thinking I would get lucky with this bird who sat adjacent to nest for a long time, but didn't get in there at all! Finally, I lost patience and stopped stalking the birds.

This is a shot I managed to take about a week ago, but it is still not what I had in mind.

Considering how obsessed I am with getting that picture, there certainly will be more pictures of these fascinating birds on this space!

1 comment:

SS blogs here said...

Hey Aqua.. those are fabulous pics!! Thanks for sharing! I loved them all, even the ones without birds! :)

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