Why P365?

I have been toying with the idea of doing a Project 365 for a while now. Though going by how often I manage to update my food blog, I should be the last person to contemplate something that requires so much of commitment  - taking a picture everyday and then posting it everyday.

So perhaps this is more of challenge for myself - I want to see just how long I last!

What is my Project 365 going to be about?

I realise that I need to have a definite focus, a clearly defined vision of what my Project 365 is going to be all about in order to keep me going.
6 months ago, we moved from Singapore to Johannesburg. So much of this city that I now call home is new and unknown to me. What better way to discover a new city than through the camera lens?

So join me, as I learn more about this beautiful city and country and share it with you, one postcard a day.

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